In order to fully utilize the various functions and gameplay throughout Ugaris one must be familiar with the fairly simple commands. You will use them often. For Ugaris clan system commands, go here.

Ugaris CommandsEdit

/alias  <key phrase> <text>  

<key phrase> will be replaced by text in chat

Used with no parameters displays a list of your aliases.

/allow <Player name>

Allows <Player name> to loot your body.


Allows others to bless you.


Automatically re-bless yourself.


In melee fighting (3+ opponents) automatically turns your back to weakest enemy (or open space).


Fires your pulse spell when appropriate.


Shows the list of chat channels.


Clears your Hate List.

/complain <player name> < reason>

Sends a complaint to the Gods for further review.


Sorts your depot.

/description <text>

Sets your description text (ctrl-right-click on player to see it).

/emote or /em

Suppresses the "says" prefix, works in regular white chat only.

/gold <amount>

Places the amount of gold on cursor.

/hate <player name>

Adds player to your hate list.

/yell <Text>

Makes text heard over a long distance. (regular white chat)

/ignore <Player name>

You won't see their chat messages (Toggle).

Used without parameters shows your ignore list.

/join <channel number>

Joins a chat channel. (#1-#13)


Invokes artificial Lag routines (Toggle)

/leave <channel number>

Leaves a chat channel. (#1-#13)


Shows your hate list.

/whisper <Text>

Text heard only at close range. (regular white chat)

/nohate <Player name>

Removes player from your hate list.


Turns off your private chat(tells).


Sends a private message to another player showing them your unique stats.


Turns on player-killer mode. (beware of the risk)

/set <spell#> <Key>

Changes key used for specific spell. Becareful to not use an already assigned spell as it can cause complications.

/shout <Text>

Text heard over increased range. (regular white chat)

/showvalues <Player name> Shows your stats, bases and mods, to another player


Sorts your personal inventory.


Shows more commands.


Only usable by players with the Thief profession.


You must be 1 square away from the other player and facing them and you will swap spots with them.

/tell <Player Name> <Text>

Sends private message to another player.


Only available for thieves: +1 stealth per PPS in thief


Shows date, time, solar and moon cycle info.


You join channels 1-13.

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