When exploring and throughout your journey you may notice, at least at a lower level, that there are many higher level players than you. You may feel unmotivated as it takes you several hours to get a level or two. You must keep in mind that everyone began in the same shoes and through time and consistency they're what they are now. The easiest way to level is to repeat every quest you do in Cameron at least 3 or 4 times. For players having more difficulty grasping the mechanics of this game, it is recommended to repeat them even 5 times or more. You can only repeat a quest up to 10 times and there are several quests throughout the world of Ugaris that are not repeatable. This will be indicated within the quest log. It often seems time consuming and annoying, at low levels, but is well worth it and you will see yourself jump several levels in a more timely fashion. Repeating quests at low levels is important regardless of Ugaris gaming experience. Another good way of gaining experience would be to kill all the monster inside of the dungon you enter. The experience you gain from killing all the monsters will boost your experience bar more when combined with repeating quests.

     To repeat a quest, you must open your quest log. Press F9 for this or click the quest log tab in the upper right corner. Depending upon the quest, it is usually best to have the NPC quest giver acknowledge that you are repeating the quest. To ensure this, tell the NPC, "repeat". If you have re opened the quest, then the quest giver should repeat the same details about the quest that he did the first time around.

Cameron tele

East side of Cameron near the teleporter and trail leading to Aston.


     Once you finish doing all the quests in Cameron you should be at least level 12 if not higher already. Your next journey is going to be to walk, past Mama Bear, to the most popular city within Ugaris, Aston. Make sure you touch the teleporter, to avoid having to walk back from Aston. 


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