The pentagram quest will be encountered by every player in the game at some point. It will serve as a way to gain experience through the pentagrams you touch along with many other functions.

First comes first, and that's how do I get a pentagram quest and mission?

Anybody can begin the pentagram quest, usually after completing Cameron , though you can obtain a "pentagram mission" from the Governor after completing the first quest in Aston, Loisan's House. Completing a mission for the Aston Governor will yield regular experience and military experience(increases your rank). Important to remember is you must receive the mission from the Governor by saying "mission". He will give you options for you to choose from. Of course the more difficult the mission, the greater thy reward.
Outside aston governor

Outside the Aston Governor.

Inside aston governor

Inside the Aston Governor's office.

            Your next step would be to go to the pentagram quest area that is infested with Demons and pentagrams to be touched. The lower level pentagrams are referred to as "Earth Pent's" containing Earth Demons. Higher pentagram quests include Fire, Ice, and Hell demons though you won't need to worry about them for awhile.

The area has many doors. Shift-left click to see what each door contains and what level is right for you. Make sure your pentagram mission isn't too hard or you may have to get a new one.

Outside pentagram quest

Just outside the Pentagram Quest's.

The door on the left side of the 3 ladders is the Test Area where players can pvp and try different pent areas without suffering any consequences. This area contains an area strictly for pvp and then their is a long hallway of the different pentagram quest levels. Dying here is completely safe but this area also rewards no experience.
Just inside test area

Just inside the Test Area.



Deeper inside ta

Inside the Test Area.

Next up is entering the Pentagram Quest. I entered the first door on the right side of the 3 ladders pictured above. This zone is the lowest level pent zone. The way the Pentagram Quest works is players within this specific area compete to get the solve. Solving the pentagram quest will yield bonus experience. This is a great way to level in-between quests, ensuring you will conquer them by becoming stronger.

Just inside pq

Entering the lowest level Earth pentagram area.

A player will touch a pentagram and up to 3 demons will spawn from it. This touched pentagram will turn a colour yielding an experience bonus that all adds up for the solve. The result of the solve is based on how many pentagrams you have touched. Not solving the pentagram quest will yield you only the experience from the pentagrams you have touched rather than the bonus experience by solving it.

There are extra functions within this area. There are secret doors for spawners and occasionally areas with chests inside containing all sorts of beneficial items from potions to gear. 


Penting in the Earth Pentagram's.

Gear will also drop randomly, as will potions and stones from killing the Demons. Earth Demons drop Earth stones. The lower levels will be tough on money but their is a one-time fix for this. When a demon drops an Earth Stone and your player is at least level 10, take the stone to Reskin in Cameron and he will give you around 375.00 gold.

Reskin in cameron

Reskin in Cameron.

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