What is a Live Quest

A live quest or lq is a quest that is held by one of the staffers of the game. It will be posted online at least 24 hours before the lq is hosted.

Lq area

  Where is the Live Quest held?

A live quest is held just to the left of the pents through the door surrounded by tiles.

How it Works?Edit

When you enter the lq you will be told what you need to do in order to complete the quest. Either their will be an npc that gives you instructions or their will be a Read me npc which you will have to read to move to the next section.

What do I get?Edit

When you complete the lq you will recive experience based on how many kills you have, and if you have completed the quest. Sometimes you will be rewared with a ring or note congratulating you for completing the lq, these items are just a keepsake and have no value to beefing up your skills.

What happens if I die?Edit

If you die you will have to wait 5 minutes in the lq lobbie in order to re-enter the lq. Please do not leave the lobby. If you leave the lobby you lose the experience you would have gained, and please do not recall as it will cancell out the experience as well. You will not recive negitive experience inside the lq area.