Mage is one of the starting classes in Ugaris. Perhaps the one with the most options.


The Mage wears robes, unlike the warrior's armor. The clothes do not provide any defence, but are also cheaper than amor items.


As a mage you can cast a variety of spells, both for offensive and defensive purposes. Each spell has a unique animation, and can be combined in different ways when in battle. A mage can chose any spell to be their primarity tool, however, the most practical and straight forward is to use either lightning or fire as your primary damage spell. There are also many combination mage builds which are commonly used, such as freeze/lf or fire/pulse. There are nearly infinite ways to level and combine the skills, some examples are shown in the Mage Build page.


The following table explains the spell skills of a mage.

Bless Enhances your other skills for a time.
Heal Heals your or other character's hit points.
Freeze Temporarily slows nearby foes.
Magic Shield Creates a shield which takes damage before your hit points.
Lightning Creates lightning flash or balls which hit surrounding foes several times.
Fire Creates a ring or ball of fire which blast your foe with instant damage.
Pulse Damages your enemys hit points and returns mana to you.



A Mage can wield either a dagger, staff or fight hand to hand equipped with gloves.