Ugaris consists of a huge variety of gameplay. This section includes information on how to play the game, build strategies, information on classes and much more.

Game MechanicsEdit

The game as a basic click to walk function, and each skill is used through a different combination of keys. You can learn more by getting to know the User Interface

Classes in UgarisEdit

Ugaris has two starting classes, warrior and mage. Later they can all challenge the gatekeeper and upon defeat chose to become either an Arch Warrior, Arch Mage, both are specialized in their art of either combat or magic. Or, one can chose to re-emerge in the shape of a Seyan'Du, whose skills combine those of weapon combat with sorcery.

Build strategiesEdit

A lot of the gameplay is evolved around the unique skill system. Each class has a range of skills, which can all be raised individually using experience gained in combat or by solving quests. There are both general and specialized builds for both mages, warriors and Seyan'Du. You can test your 'build' against a foe in the arenas. Or you may battle against your opponents in the clan jewel spawners where clans fight to obtain precious clan jewels needed to keep their clan alive.